Who is Luke Bortolazzi


Luca Bortolazzi is "kidnapped" by the beginning of the year 2009 where Photography entirely self-taught bought his first SLR camera, a Nikon D300, Nikon D3X now.
He attended several events have long Milanese nightlife, thus having the opportunity to meet many people of entertainment, music and fashion, but mainly of the small screen, is so catapulted into the so-called "Night of the World" and to have to hand the photographic material interesting for some popular magazines of "Gossip"; is accompanied by a 'specialized agency in the field, so finding their personal satisfaction and economic seeing published his photographs.
Meanwhile, taken by passion there were photos of Reportage travel, street art and artistic themes with landscape or natural, without missing some photo shoots in female subjects.
Currently it is available to capture any type of social event, back stage shows, reportage, photo books and wedding event, and willing to increase / increase knowledge in the field of fashion and architecture .. with the hope that his shots may still be able to convey emotions and indelible memories in the heart of the beholder ...